Daddy, how do you write code?

When your 7 year old asks you how to write code, you show them.

But How?

When I was 6 years old I was introduced to computers by my Uncle who had a Commodore 128. I learned to write Basic and wrote dumb little programs like

20 PRINT A$ + " IS A DORK!"
30 GOTO 20

However, I had to ask myself… Where does one start teaching kids how to program?

That’s when I came across this book on amazon.

Coding Games in Scratch Coding Games in Scratch

Star Hunter

So far we have worked our way through the first game in the book. This teaches the basics of the scratch IDE as well as how to drag and drop code blocks into the code editor. After you buld the game, it walks you through making the game get progressivly more difficult.

I loved how he got a kick out of learning something new. The best part was how he ran around the house grabbing everyone to come play the game he had just made.

Star Hunter Star Hunter

I will post updates as we make our way through the book.